TycoonRe Review

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We decided to take a look and review a niche real estate investing site Tycoonre.com. Here are our thoughts on their platform, offers and technology. Keep reading for our review and breakdown of tycoonre.com.

User Friendly:

We were not impressed with the setup of the site interface. There is a dashboard but it is somewhat hidden. Most investment sites as soon as you  login to your account take you straight away to the dashboard, showing you your holdings etc.  This is a simple change that can be made and we hope to see this improvement. What we didn’t like is we were experiencing broken links on some pages.


The investments at the time of this review are only in residential single family homes and for debt with a buy and hold strategy. These are not really the high grade institutional grade investments opportunities that you might be looking for. But I do think they have promise in terms of their strategy as they have very low minimum investment thresholds on these offers of $1k which is the smallest of any the platforms we reviewed. These debt crowdfunding investment offerings might be a better alternative to people looking to engage in peer-to-peer lending with the guarantee of an asset backed loan providing more security than a unsecured loan.


The site has potential especially for the small investment minimums and although some of the investments might be a bit riskier the small minimums allow investors to gain needed diversification.


Click here to sign up and start investing with tycoonre.com .




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