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We decided to take a look at another great real estate crowdfunding platform and we are pleased to say that they are for real (pun intended). Their platform although might not get as much press as some of the other crowdfunding platforms out there we certainly think they are in the top 3. Continue reading to see our full review of and our take on their platform, offers and interface.

We can sum up our thoughts in one sentence. We like it, we like a lot.


The site is very clean and easy to navigate site. The information is easily accessible and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get access and information you need to vet the offers you are interested. They also offer some great investment advice and articles some which we even feature on from time to time.  A downer is that they don’t tell you how far along the project is in terms of funding but this is a quick fix that they can make in the interface. They get an A- for a good smooth platform.


The more the better seems like the theme for Don’t think they are sacrificing quality for quantity because they have a large selection of offers without compromising on quality.  I can safely say they offer (at the time of writing) the widest range of real-estate investments we have seen so far. This includes debt and equity offerings as well as the opportunity to invest in real estate funds. The offers have a wide range of minimums but some were as low as $5k with yields on equity investments reaching close to 13% cash on cash. They get an A+ for a great range of offerings.


What we don’t like is they don’t make any claims to have really vetted the sponsors, but sponsor information is readily available, including contacts of the managing partner/s. We would still like to see a little more transparency and assurance that they stand behind the offers they are accepting to their platform.

Conclusion: is a favorite. A combination of a great interface, a large selection of offers and great returns makes this platform a first stop for anyone looking to build and diversify their crowdfunding portfolio.

If you want to read more about click here or just sign up and start investing.

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