Real Estate

Wealth Migrate

Wealth Migrate is the leading global real estate investment marketplace, giving investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world. Investors benefit from the extensive experience of their executive team, which has invested more than US$1.3 billion...

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Sharestates offers investors direct access to real estate investments through their online marketplace – with net annualized returns between 10-20%. Property owners and developers (aka sponsors) can also gain access to capital at a competitive rate, closing a deal in a fraction of the time it...

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Selequity uses technology to give customers access to select investment opportunities. They have proven leadership in commercial real estate services, and now they are bringing that experience to the emerging practice of internet-based commercial real estate offerings with best-in-class project...

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Realty Mogul

With over 15,000 active accredited and institutional investors calling themselves Realty Mogul members, our devoted crowdinvesting community has invested over $60 million dollars in over 225 properties. And for their efforts they have received millions in distributions. For accredited and institutional...

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RealCrowd is a private, secure and simple-to-use online platform for accredited investors to access, review and invest in commercial real estate opportunities across the nation. Using the platform, investors can inspect investment offers and materials, such as legal documents and due diligence items...

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crowd trader - peerrealty

Peer Realty

PeerRealty is the Midwest’s premier real estate crowdfunding platform. PeerRealty believes that no investment portfolio can be truly diversified without a real estate component, and they are proud to offer an efficient means to gain that diversification. With their streamlined, online portal, PeerRealty offers...

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patch of land reviews

Patch of Land

Patch of Land is crowdfunding real estate through its P2RE (peer-to-peer) online marketplace offering various typologies of secured real estate debt on assets backed by first position liens and personal guarantees. We match investors and lenders seeking alternative fixed income opportunities to borrowers...

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As urban retail developers, we spent years building unique real estate projects in Washington, DC. But more often than not, when we went out to raise money it came from investment funds in places like New York City or even outside the country. Most of them had little connection to the places we were...

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Early Shares is a vibrant community of accredited investors, join and enjoy the privileges of commercial real estate ownership: passive income, cash flow and asset appreciation. Investments on EarlyShares project average 7% preferred returns and 18% IRR. Every transaction on EarlyShares has been...

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crowdstreet reviews

Crowd Street is a real-estate crowdfunding platform catering to accredited investors. They focus on retail, office, residential and real-estate investment funds offering both equity and debt financing.
At CrowdStreet we believe all accredited investors should have equal access to institutional-quality...

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City Funders

The CityFunders team of seasoned real estate experts bring real neighborhood knowledge and decades of relationships to every deal we do. Now, thanks to new federal regulations, we can work with investors online. Traditionally, it’s been a closed club. To join it, you needed huge financial resources, deep...

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Asset Avenue

Investing in loans, or notes, secured by commercial real estate is a great addition to a diverse investment strategy. Our team of seasoned real estate experts handle all the underwriting, legal and operational aspects of each loan. Then, you can browse all available loan opportunities to build a diversified...

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