A New Option in the Crowdfunding Landscape

Crowdfunding has grown substantially since the inception of Title II of the JOBS Act. One of the most active subsections has been equity sharing in real estate. With over a hundred active companies all offering their own special blend of crowd sourced real estate transactions, it is hard to see how another could innovate a […]


A CEO’s Perspective Crowdfunding with Title III: Q&A w/WOLACO

Since Title III of the Jobs Act just recently went into effect we decide to get a closer look at how CEOs actually view the new legislation in respect to their future financing needs. We had an opportunity for a Q&A with Terry White the Founder/CEO of athletic apparel company WOLACO. He was able to […]


Title III Crowdfunding Now Everyone Can Invest

Well last Friday it finally happened. The SEC passed Title III of the JOBS Act which effectively allows non-accredited investors to invest in private placement investment deals. In plain English this means when you visit any of the crowdfunding platforms they will allow you to view and invest in their offers without confirming that you […]


What Is Wrong With Title III Crowdfunding

Not everyone is so convinced about the prospects of Title III of the Jobs Act which was recently passed by the SEC.We thought we would post some thoughts from around the web on the issues with the current legislation. Nav Athwal, CEO of voiced his concerns about the legislation because the capital limits effectively […]

More Crowdtrader Articles

FEATURED PLATFORMS is an emerging player in the crowdfunding space and has a very unique model which has allowed them to offer investors some of the best returns. As many traditional platforms have moved away from equity financing Streitwise has stayed true to their focus and continues to offer high quality CRE for investors. Beyond this […]