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We believe education is the first step to successful investing. This rings true even more so in the young and unregulated world of crowdfunding.Therefore, provides news, articles and reviews about the equity and debt based crowdfunding industry and investment platforms. Our thorough evaluations and reviews showcase the best and most highly respected crowdfunding platforms, allowing you to be an informed and educated crowdtrader.

Featured Real Estates


RealCrowd is a private, secure and simple-to-use online platform for accredited investors to access, review and invest in commercial real estate opportunities across the nation. Using the platform, investors can inspect investment offers and materials, such as legal documents and due diligence items...

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crowd trader - peerrealty

Peer Realty

PeerRealty is the Midwest’s premier real estate crowdfunding platform. PeerRealty believes that no investment portfolio can be truly diversified without a real estate component, and they are proud to offer an efficient means to gain that diversification. With their streamlined, online portal, PeerRealty offers...

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crowdstreet reviews

Crowd Street is a real-estate crowdfunding platform catering to accredited investors. They focus on retail, office, residential and real-estate investment funds offering both equity and debt financing.
At CrowdStreet we believe all accredited investors should have equal access to institutional-quality...

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Featured Start-Ups

crowd trader - seedinvest

SeedInvest is a leading crowdfunding equity investment platform. Most offers are structured under Regulations D 506(C) and 506(B) but they are also experimenting with possible Regulation A offerings. Minimum investment on all offers is $10,000 and is in the form of convertible debt.

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Crowd Funder

Crowdfunder lead by CEO Chance Barmett is one of the leading equity crowdfunding platform with the mission of bringing capital to early-stage companies while giving investors access to top deal-flow. Since 2011, Crowdfunder and its Advisors have engaged with Congress, the SEC and the White...

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crowd trader - circleup


CircleUp is a niche equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to early stage growth companies in the consumer goods sector. CircleUp helps consumer entrepreneurs and investors do what they do, better. For years, we saw passionate consumer entrepreneurs struggle to find the support they need to grow...

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Featured Reviews


Fundrise Review

In order to give our viewers an insider take, we decided to take a look for ourselves at the entire platform. Keep reading to see what we think about the platform, offerings and their research. Three words- we love it! Fundrise closed a $31 Million dollars round of financing and it is clear that they put that money to ...

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EarlyShares Review

EarlyShares is another great crowdfunding platform launched in 2012 and run by CEO Joanna Schwartz. We took a inside look, continue reading our full review of platform and offerings. Interface: The interface and dashboard is very good, clean and easy to navigate. We were a bit disappointed as the dashboard seemed to be missing any tools for real ...

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crowdstreet reviews

CrowdStreet Review

Although you may not have heard of them yet is a great platform to look at. They aren’t as well known and don’t have huge sums of VC  capital backing them as some other crowdfunding investment platforms do  but they have done an outstanding job creating their platform. We decided to take a closer look at what they offer on their ...

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Latest Articles


REITS vs Crowdfunded Real Estate

You may be wondering, if I really want to enter the commercial real estate market as an investor why would I use crowdfunding to invest? After all there already exists a great way for me to invest and gain equity exposure in commercial real estate in the form of REITs. REITs are an acronym for Real Estate Investment Trusts. These are ...

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Regulation A+ Crowdfunding

Recent legislation was just passed by the SEC referred to as Regulation A+ as Title IV of the JOBS act. This new legislation will help solve a major issue faced by most crowdfunding platforms. Until now, for platforms to open up an investment to non-accredited investors the investment would need to have passed approval by each state separately subject to their ...

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Debt Crowdfunding

Ever heard of bonds? Well when you buy a bond on the stock market you are basically buying lending money to a company or government in exchange for a promissory note to pay you a set amount of interest on the loan you have given them. The company or government then makes regular interest payments to you. The major risks ...

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