SeedInvest Review

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We decided to take a look at a one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms out there

Keep reading for our full review which covers their interface, platform features and offers.


The interface was very clean and easy to navigate but we did feel that there was a lot missing in terms of a real dashboard to manage, analyze and evaluate your portfolio. Also much of the information was blocked and a special request was needed for approval on viewing these materials. This is probably because many of the start-ups listed are already past the initial seed stage and they have detailed financial information they don’t want to be viewed without approval. The homepage in the interface also shows off news and articles about and from the various companies seeking funds on their platform. Although this is nice, I don’t like that this takes up so much room we would like to see the offers or a more general dashboard when signing in.


It would be impossible to really qualify the offers on the site as each offer would require a thorough evaluation. There are some great opportunities on their platform. For starters all the offers have gone through a process of being vetted by the platform and in many cases third party auditors such as

Furthermore most of the offers have been through some type of start-up incubator or accelerator program which adds not only to their credibility but also serves as a big vote of confidence for the management team. The last and possibly most important aspect is that the site shows who are some of the lead investors in the start-ups. These may include notable start-up investors such as Mark Cuban and others. This is truly a great value for someone looking to invest in start-ups by following the lead of other great investors.

The major downer is that the minimum investment for these offers is at $10,000 which makes it hard to gain real diversification in this space.

What We Love:

Here is one of the most exciting parts about their platform is that they used their very on platform to raise money for themselves. This is a true show of their belief in the process and quality of their platform. They also were chosen by real-estate crowdfunding platform to raise capital through as well. When people in the industry are using their platform then it shows they are the real deal!


We generally cover real estate crowdfunding platforms as we believe in the value these offerings add to a diversified portfolio, and in there less speculative nature. Although start-ups remain very risky as you can read about our views on start-up investing if you have the appetite for start-ups then we suggest taking a look at as it is one of the most secure and quality platforms.


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