Fundrise Review

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In order to give our viewers an insider take, we decided to take a look for ourselves at the entire platform. Keep reading to see what we think about the platform, offerings and their research.

Three words- we love it!

Fundrise closed a $31 Million dollars round of financing and it is clear that they put that money to good use so far.



The site is very clean, easy to navigate and they have a great dashboard. The information is readily available and easy to understand.


In terms of the offerings they seem to have relatively high yields on their debt offerings but this of course depends on the risks. At the time we wrote this review their debt on their listed project was paying 14.4% compared to much smaller yields on other projects again this is relative to risk. The offers had a $5k minimum investment which is relatively low so we like that too.


The site is very transparent even showing you how well one investment looks compared to others across their platform (including past offerings) on a risk adjusted basis. The best part about the site is that they have created a very transparent risk rating for each offer. This allows you to easily compare the various offers while taking in the variations in risk.

The biggest downside is they only had one offer live at the time of publication. This could be for various reason maybe they only work on one offer at a time or maybe they simply have poor deal flow, it is possible that the deals get funded so fast that they just can’t keep up. I assume as the market increases their deal flow will increase offering investors more options. Until then hang tight! They claim they do a rigorous approval of each offering and make sure that sponsors are vetted. In terms of the legitimacy of the platform itself of course you need to do some due diligence on them as well but you can consider the $31 Million in venture capital investments that they secured as a very good vote of confidence for the platform.

Fundrise is a Crowdtrader favorite, sign-up and start investing.


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