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Sector: Real Estate
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Share on LinkedIn0Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on Twitter0Share on Reddit0Email this to someone is a real-estate crowdfunding platform catering to accredited investors. They focus on retail, office, residential and real-estate investment funds offering both equity and debt financing.

At CrowdStreet we believe all accredited investors should have equal access to institutional-quality commercial real estate investment opportunities as a means of portfolio diversification and wealth creation.

We also believe that the economy as a whole is strengthened when real estate developers and operators are less dependent upon traditional capital markets to fund projects, have greater access to capital and spread investment opportunities and risk across a larger pool of investors.

The CrowdStreet Marketplace and Sponsor Direct solutions provide sponsors with the operational efficiencies necessary to manage more investors by using modern digital tools which makes it possible for innovative sponsors to present offerings online and maintain ongoing investor relations centrally.