CrowdStreet Review

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Although you may not have heard of them yet is a great platform to look at. They aren’t as well known and don’t have huge sums of VC  capital backing them as some other crowdfunding investment platforms do  but they have done an outstanding job creating their platform. We decided to take a closer look at what they offer on their site keep reading for our review.

Userfriendly: The site is pretty easy to navigate once you get in, but there is a big problem as their homepage is missing a login tab. You need to go to their Join link in order to be prompted for your login credentials if you already have an account. This can easily be fixed and I assume they will make the change. The information on each offer is very transparent and clear with visible buttons to submit questions. Additionally the information of the executives of each sponsor are clearly visible with a bio on each which helps give the investor a good idea of who is backing the project. We especially like a detailed breakdown of projected investment returns based on your investment this is a nice touch for prospective investors.

The interface could use some work in terms of creating a more investor friendly dashboard. We would like to see a more traditional dashboard which will showcase the holdings of the portfolio and performance this seems to be missing.


Offers: There were only three offers up when we reviewed but based on those offers as well as their previously funded offers it seems like they have a great mix of real-estate options. They have funded or are funding large residential, commercial retail, office, various development projects as well as a mix of investment fund options. They include offers for both equity investments and Mezzanine Debt investments. The big downside is that the minimum on the investments is $25,000 which is larger than many other platforms making it difficult to diversify your investments.



Conclusion: has put together a great platform with a big mix of offers. If you are patient and willing to wait for the right offer to come along and are able to meet the $25,000 minimum then this is for sure a great platform to check out. We feel they have done a great job with the resources they have at hand and as they grow we expect the platform to improve greatly both in terms of their tools for investors , the number of offers and hopefully they will be able to drop their minimums a bit : )

Check out and start investing!







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