Crowdfunder Review

Share on LinkedIn0Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on Twitter0Share on Reddit0Email this to someone is a growing equity crowdfunding platform which offers many different investment opportunities in various start-up and early stage companies. The minimum investments are usually significant starting at $10k. The companies offer a mix of convertible debt and equity. The platform is easy to use although the dashboard could be a little more visible, you need to look to find it. The platform uses a mix of a social media within their investment platform. This allows you to check who is investing in which companies and to connect very easily with the active company managers who are active within the network. The downer to this is that the companies raising capital have representatives who start pursuing the end user. I am not sure that this is the best method for a company to pursue. In my opinion they should focus on the investing aspect and not on building a social media network. But if you like that kind of interaction then this is a great platform to join. The financial information and forecasts for the companies should also be more accessible. Currently you need to request approval to get access. This is a bothersome step added to the due diligence process.


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