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The CityFunders team of seasoned real estate experts bring real neighborhood knowledge and decades of relationships to every deal we do.

Now, thanks to new federal regulations, we can work with investors online. Traditionally, it’s been a closed club. To join it, you needed huge financial resources, deep practical knowhow, the ability to move quickly and the experience to unlock the value of a property or structure a deal that generates healthy returns.

New York City is comprised of hundreds of unique neighborhoods, each with its own character and price trajectory. We’ve spent our lives working to understand how to make investments that yield real returns.

Now, we want to bring that opportunity to you. is growing equity based real estate crowdfunding platform focused specifically on the New York City real estate market. Considered one of the most lucrative and stable markets in the world is on the ground to bring you the best deals. Read our reviews on their platform, offerings and due diligence.