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Investing in loans, or notes, secured by commercial real estate is a great addition to a diverse investment strategy. Our team of seasoned real estate experts handle all the underwriting, legal and operational aspects of each loan. Then, you can browse all available loan opportunities to build a diversified portfolio that works for you.

Join thousands of accredited and institutional investors to build your portfolio today. As a qualified investor, you’ll have unprecedented access to loans available on our platform, with opportunities to invest as little as $5,000 all the way up to $25 million per loan.

Our investment opportunities range from an 8% annual rate of return, all the way up to 12%. Once the loan funds, you’ll enjoy your annualized returns as monthly direct deposits into your bank account. It’s simple. Together we’re better. is a leading debt based real estate crowdfunding platform. Read our reviews about their platform, offerings
and due diligence.



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