About Us

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Crowdtrader.net was created after spending endless hours searching for a high quality real estate investment. After speaking with various individuals who were buying and renting single family homes across the US with fabulous returns, they all cautioned me with the same issues from fraudulent sellers to ongoing management problems. These properties need a trustworthy person on the ground to really take care of them. With a small amount of capital it wasn’t wise to put all our cash in one property that had little investment value except for the cash flow the property was generating. I was looking for a better underlying asset, low investment requirement and of course less hassle. I was willing to give up the 20% gains being offered by buying and managing my own single family home for some thing more stable even if it meant a 10-15% return instead. I finally stumbled across a crowdfunding equity investment platform offering a great way to invest in high quality properties managed by professional teams with a low minimum investment. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, the opportunity that I had been waiting for was here! I began to read more only to find out that these sites would only allow you to invest if you were an accredited investor, I was crushed.

I began researching the various platforms that were around and then decided I would start a website to offer education, news, reviews and ratings about the developments of the investment crowdfunding industry. Combining financial knowledge with years of internet marketing experience our team finally launched crowdtader.net.

We believe and advocate for free financial markets were investors big and small are given the freedom to choose the investments that best suit them. We quickly realized that one of the reasons the rich keep getting richer is because they simply have access to investments the regular guy like you and me don’t have access to. Although this hasn’t changed, yet, in the US, we are anxiously awaiting for the investment crowdfunding industry to be opened to one an all alike.