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As urban retail developers, we spent years building unique real estate projects in Washington, DC. But more often than not, when we went out to raise money it came from investment funds in places like New York City or even outside the country. Most of them had little connection to the places we were building and often had never even heard of the neighborhood.

On the other hand, our friends and neighbors, people with real connection to the projects, couldn’t invest with us. Even though they understood the opportunity and our vision, there was no feasible or economical process to allow them to participate.

Real estate has consistently proven to be an extremely lucrative investment. Since the early 90s, private equity investment in real estate has grown in excess of $100 billion. Read more...


No need for anything else

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Fundrise is no doubt the best platform out there for real estate crowdfunding. Seriously, look at their platform and you will see nobody does it better. I am not even sure why people are even trying to compete with them, Why would any sponsor not want to list with them and why would any investor not want to invest through them. Great work keep bringing offers!